iPhone XR

iPhone XR

Understanding the needs of the consumers and knowing what type of options to offer on the showcase is what has brought Apple to be the giant of the smartphone industry it is right now. When the iPhone X released, users quickly fell in love with its design, the features it held, and the top-notch specs it possessed. However, they asked for a version that was not as expensive as the original model, even if it had to let go of some of the features that they could find in the flagship phone. Although it did not come as surprising Apple listened to the user’s pleads, what they came up with was pretty shocking by itself: a phone almost as powerful as the iPhone X, with the vast majority of elements that made the original version so loved, but for a couple of hundred less. The iPhone XR is much more than a more affordable option. Instead, it comes as an outstanding phone that can compete by itself with every high-tier phone out there, for a very appealing price.

Thanks to the fact it uses the same A12 bionic processor, iPhone XR offers the same high-speed performance the iPhone X does, working equally good in equally demanding situations like playing HD videos, 3D games or opening many, many apps at the same time. It also includes wireless charging, face ID, and an exclusive haptics feature that lets you access the camera or the flashlight by simple motions in a way that is very similar to the 3D touch feature that we can find in other iPhones. Although some slight downgrades were made, the iPhone XR camera is still up there with the rest of cameras from high-range price phones, handling depth, illumination, and colors excellently to deliver beautiful photos and portraits.

Besides its price, the iPhone XR presents another improvement regarding the iPhone X and iPhone XS: its 2942 mAh battery. The iPhone XR’s battery can last up to 30% longer than iPhone XS’ battery, making it the model with the best battery life of any iPhone up to its release.

The iPhone XR comes in white, blue, coral, red, and bright yellow versions. The phone has a 5.8-inch screen with a smaller and practical design that is very comfortable to hold and handle, just like the rest of its bigger siblings.

Powerful, beautiful, and with critical acclamation, the iPhone XR is everything you love from the iPhone X, for a lower price.