Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung SM-A505F Galaxy A50

Being one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers across the world, we can expect Samsung to cover all edges in their offer to the consumers. This bid to control the whole market accounts for not only providing high-tier flagship phones for those who want the most powerful device out there but also extending a more affordable option to those who wish a good phone, for a lower price. The Galaxy J and Galaxy A series have looked to fulfill this demand for mid-tier smartphones that are still compelling and can perform under a guarantee of quality that only the Korean brand can provide. Much like its predecessors, the Samsung Galaxy A50 represents one of the cheapest options out there, with some elements that you will not believe can be found in a mid-range price phone. As we go through this phone’s amazing features, you will notice it is appealing for much more than a low price tag.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 has a 6.4-inch display with a 2340 x 1080 resolution, having one of the biggest and most beautiful screens in a mid-tier phone out there. The color hue of the Samsung Galaxy A50 is truly impressive and can even make it hard to tell the difference when placed next to a high-tier phone.
Much like many of the phones (with much higher prices) that have been released during the past two years, the Samsung Galaxy A50 uses a camera system with multiple rear lenses, with a total of three cameras working together to deliver great photos. This model handles the colors beautifully and shows satisfactory performances, even on unfavorable conditions. When it comes to portraits, we can use the wide-angle lens and the “depth lense” to take photos with blurry backgrounds and highlight elements in the picture.

When it comes to specs, the Galaxy A50 has taken many by surprise. A 4,000-mAh long lasting battery, 64 GB of built-in storage (expandable up to 512 GB), 4GB of ram, and a remarkable processor that makes the phone perform smoothly even on the most demanding circumstances. Many are amazed for how Samsung managed to make a mid-tier phone work so fast, even with many apps running at the same time.

Samsung competing on all wings is something that should not come as a surprise for anyone. However, with the Galaxy A50, the company has released a phone that is not only crushing the mid-range price market but also reaching the capabilities of high-tier options in some departments.